February 2020

It’s time for our Member on the Move Spotlight! We are pleased to open February with JSU Memphis Chapter member Terel Key.
Terel is a Jackson, MS native who graduated JSU with a Mass Communications degree in ‘02. While at Jackson State he was a member of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc. and Thee Sonic Boom of the South.

He volunteers weekly at the Lewis Senior Community Center with Princeton James Productions teaching the seniors acting and stage presence for their plays. He also volunteers at Hickory Ridge Elementary school teaching acting, film, and videography. Terel has performed in several stage plays and acted in local films. He also worked behind the scenes in production on theater and film projects in the Memphis area.

Why did you choose JSU?
One reason I chose JSU was because my parents are alumni of JSU. I would always attend JSU events as a kid and plus our home was full of JSU memorabilia. Another reason is because I was a musician and being in the band was my childhood dream. Lastly, I was always into cameras and learning more about production of film and TV and being on camera. JSU was the place that had my major as well. So all of those components are what made me make my final decision to be JSU.

What is your favorite or most fun memory from JSU?
My favorite fun memory has to be riding my bicycle on campus to class. During the time I was in school, there was a lot of construction going on. We were unable to park on campus. My good friend Toby Johnson and I would ride our bikes to class after parking far away. One day my professor, Rev. Barron Banks jumped on my bike in the middle of class, rode it around the room, then down the hallway. Everyone laughed at him! He and I became good friends after that and he would always ask about my bike years after graduation.

Favorite rival game to attend?
My favorite rival game to attend would be the JSU vs Southern University game.

What do you enjoy most about being a member of the JSU Memphis Alumni Chapter?
Being a member of the JSU Memphis Alumni Chapter reminds me of my dear old college home. I enjoy coming together as alumni with the same goals. Goals of pushing our dear old college home forward and helping paving the way for future students of JSU.

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